Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learning to Tat!!

Five years ago I taught myself to thread crochet. I bought a book "I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting", thread and hooks in different sizes. I started off small, and practiced the stitches. I can remember watching my Grandmother and my Great Aunts Crocheting and I always loved the things they made. When my Great Aunt would babysit me, she would entertain me by crocheting little flowers for me and small doilies for my dolls!! I will never forget those memories of her. She was a very sweet lady and I always loved spending time with her. She taught me the basic chain stitch and when I was younger, I would just do straight stitching, nothing fancy and just played with it and usually made nothing but chains!!! Or shells but never a project...
After I learned the basic stitches, I found a pattern for a christening gown and bonnet and crocheted one for my granddaughter. She was a preemie, so she was very tiny, weighing only 2 pounds 3 ounces when she was born. It is a tiny gown. Faith screamed the whole time we were trying to get her picture in the gown and bonnet, and she never had it on again!! But it is put away for her when she is older, and her Mom will no doubt tell her how she screamed through the whole photo shoot!!
I have always admired the art of tatting, and have always wanted to learn. I thought you had to use bobbins or a shuttle. I recently met a wonderful Woman named Linda on YouTube, who can Tat!!! She has an etsy store and sells her beautiful tatted items. Please check out her awesome creations Here...


I have ordered some of her medallions and can't wait to receive them!! But in the mean time, I am learning to Tat!!! I learned through Linda that there were some great youtube videos out there!! I searched and I found a video tutorial for a needle tatted flower!! I bought a set of tatting needles, at Hobby Lobby, I am using a number 5 and I can't believe it but I have learned to make a flower!! So I am sharing my flowers!! The first one is a mistake of course...the second has a mistake in one of the turns, but the last one I can live with!!

No, they aren't magnificent, but they are a start!! I am so excited, something I have always wanted to know how to do...and I have found a free pattern for an edge trim that has hearts in it!! I hope I can accomplish this pattern, if and when I do, I will post a picture on my blog!!! Have a Great Week!! Hugs Patti