Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Time For Crafting..

I have had no time for crafting the last few days. So there are no new pages of my Junque Journal. I have however managed to save a few items that I find interesting to incorporate into it!! Today I got a cookie sack from the Subway, because I had lunch there. I also snagged a couple of really cool stamps from the mail at work. One is Seabiscuit, and the other is Kathryn Hepburn in (black and white), a really awesome stamp!! I can't wait to do something with them!! I have the Tim Holtz film strip stamp and will probably incorporate it somehow with the Kathryn Hepburn stamp!! I don't know about the horse stamp yet, but something will come to me I am sure!!
I received my new Pink ATG Gun in the mail today along with extra adhesive rolls. I had pre ordered it from Custom Crops online. I have read mixed reviews about the pink gun, and am hoping it turns out to be a good one. Part of the proceeds from the sale go to the Susan G. Komen foundation, I think that is a good thing.  I also got a set of Alphabet stamps from Hero Arts that I purchased on Ebay. They are pretty nice. They are semi aged I would say, they have purposely missing parts in the letters. I think I will like them a lot for my journaling. Can't wait to use them!! When time permits....HMMMMMM wonder if I would be missed at work tomorrow??????????????

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