Friday, August 20, 2010

Beautiful Day!!

Oh, what a Great Day this has been!! My husband and I played hookie from work and had an adventure. We went to a neighboring town for a Wonderful Chinese Dinner and then hit a couple of shops. It was so much fun!! He emailed me at work and said he was game if I was. He didn't have to ask me twice!!  Our work has been very slow lately, so it was easy to take the Afternoon Off!! We had such a great day, we laughed, talked and laughed some more!! It is so nice to be able to share your life with someone who is so easy to talk to and have a great time with!! I am so lucky to have him for my partner in Life!! He is truly my other half!!

I am seeing signs of Fall everywhere, the birds are flocking, the crops are drying and there are even hints of falling leaves. I am hoping for a repeat of last years colorful display. It lasted for several weeks, and is just something I never get tired of seeing!! Especially with a crisp blue sky for the background!! Nature doesn't get any more beautiful than that!!
This is a photo taken by my Husband last Fall.
He sent it to me at work!!!
I told you I was Lucky!!

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Christina said...

Very sweet!!!! You're a lucky lady!